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In-Facility Schooling: Campus Choice 

Want to learn in a real school building? Our Campus Choice is for you!

What You Get:

Real Classrooms

Come to our building and sit in a real classroom environment with other students.

Teachers in Person

You get to see your teacher face to face and work on your computer! They help you whenever you need it.

School Friends

Meet other students your age. Learn together!

A Plan Just for You

You get a plan that tells you what you will learn every day.

Tests and Marks

We give you tests and tell you how you did. This helps you get even better!

Fun Times

Join fun school things like sports or art. Make your day happy!

All Paper Stuff

We do all the hard work like filling out forms. No worries for your family!

Why Pick Campus Choice?

Do you like going to a school building and seeing your friends every day? If you say yes, Campus Choice is for you!

Click here to learn about fees and how to join.

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