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Experts Panel
  • What grades or levels do you cater to?
    Shaati Education caters to students in Grades 10-12.
  • Is Shaati Education an accredited institution?
    Yes, Shaati Education is an accredited institution. We meet all educational standards and have obtained accreditation from SACAI. This ensures that our distance learning and homeschooling programs adhere to the highest quality benchmarks and we provide our students with a recognised National Senior Certificate (Matric Certificate)
  • What subjects are offered in your curriculum?
    Shaati Education offers a comprehensive range of subjects in our curriculum. These include but are not limited to Mathematics, English, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Geography, History, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, and more. Please visit the Academics Page ( for a full list. Our goal is to provide a well-rounded education that caters to the diverse academic interests and career aspirations of our students.
  • Can my child receive a recognised Matric certificate?
    Yes, your child can receive a recognized Matric certificate through Shaati Education. We are accredited by SACAI (South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute) and our Matric certificate is issued by UMALUSI, the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training. This certificate holds the same recognition and value as those obtained through traditional schools, enabling your child to pursue further education or career opportunities successfully.
  • How do you assess students' progress and performance?
    At Shaati Education, we employ various methods to assess students' progress and performance. We use a combination of formative and summative assessments, including quizzes, tests, assignments, projects, and exams. Our online platform enables continuous monitoring of student engagement and participation. Teachers provide personalized feedback to guide students' learning journey. Regular progress reports and parent-teacher communication help track academic development. These assessment strategies allow us to evaluate students' understanding, address learning gaps, and ensure they are meeting the necessary learning outcomes.
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