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Your Child's Happiness and Success Are Our Priority

Is your child unhappy in their current school? Do you crave a more personalised learning environment for them? Or perhaps you want to take control and educate them at home? Whatever your situation, Shaati Education has a tailored solution just for you.

Why Choose Us?

👉 Registered & Trustworthy: Rest easy knowing we are a fully registered educational institution in line with CAPS.

👉 Health & Well-Being: Our in-facility option offers a small, caring learning space, prioritising your child's mental and physical well-being.

👉 Affordable Education: Here's the best part—get all the benefits of a tutor centre without paying twice. One fee covers both curriculum and quality teaching.

👉 Strengthening Relationships: With our flexible options, spend more quality time with your family, fostering strong bonds and shared learning experiences.

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Our Schooling Options

Online Schooling

Learn from home, but feel like you're in class! We have great teachers and fun online lessons.

🌟 Easy to use

🌟 Fun and safe

🌟 Fits your time

Learn More About Online Schooling

In-Facility Schooling

Better than a regular school! Come to our place for a fun and caring place to learn.

🌟 Great teachers
🌟 Nice friends
🌟 Safe place

Learn More About In-Facility Schooling


Want to teach your kids at home? We give you all the tools you need to make it fun and smart.

🌟 Your rules
🌟 Learn at your pace
🌟 We help you with everything

Learn More About Homeschooling

Click here to learn about fees and how to join.

Why Pick Shaati Education?

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All our ways to learn are in line with CAPS

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