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Gauteng Department of Education Natural Sciences and Technology Examination

Key Features:

  • Three Sections: This examination is divided into three sections, catering to different cognitive levels: lower order questions in Section A, middle order questions in Section B, and higher order questions in Section C.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: The content of the question paper spans various strands, including natural sciences (life & living, matter & materials) and technology (processing).

  • Scientific Concepts: Students will be tested on topics such as photosynthesis, nutrition, matter states, food processing, ecosystems, and more.

  • Critical Thinking: The examination encourages critical thinking and application of scientific and technological knowledge.

  • Educational Guidance: An included memorandum provides insights into expected answers, making it a valuable tool for educators and parents to facilitate learning discussions.

2018 Natural Sciences Exam - Grade 6 Term 2

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